They say the evil that men do live after them, and that same evil sometimes lives with them. What no one mentioned is that the good some men do sometimes causes the evil that women do to other men.

How is it? Let’s find out.

According to fairy tales,

  • Boy meets girl
  • Boy want girl
  • Girl is awed by his love
  • They surmount a huge obstacle
  • Voila! They publicly claim themselves and live, well, happily every after

Girls learn that Prince Charming is just excellent dressing, grooming, sacrifice, and of course, the magical intercourse of time and place, away.

As teenagers reading romance novels some additions are made:

  • All loves before Prince Charming are just preparatory experinces for HIS: the universe’s way of ensuring females don’t collapse from the force of chemistry that zings through them on meeting Prince Charming.
  • All experiences after their temporary split are tasteless, lacklustre… almost appalling sometimes.

Anyway you dress it, Prince Charming is IT. Others are therefore not-IT. There is no some-kind-of-ITness.

So, what happens when a girl dates a guy with all the charm and princeness, but they do not end up happily every after? Pretty simple really. Other guys morph into his can-become-a-prince-antithesis, the frog. The farther other males are from the charm and princeness, the froggier they are.

For some reason, there are very few Prince Charmings today. It seems that with the rise of feminism and the decline of empires, males had less structures and reasons to polish the Princes in them and teach them to explore their charm. One can’t help but wonder why the blooming of a sex should diminish the other, or why the quality of kings is determined by the Palace stones, but… let’s not go there today. Anyway, it has almost degenerated to the Marxist haves and have nots. A male is either frog or prince and, though life can pressure a girl to choose or act otherwise, no girl wants a frog.

So, there it is: the reason ‘Prince Charming’ has a trail of pining hearts, the root cause of all the heartbroken males wondering what more did she want, and the irritated, exhausted females wondering why can’t he just be…?


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