Did I tell you the wind whistled?

Shook my windows from the outside,

Sang an eerie tune

Powerful and locked out, fierce and sad

Did I tell you my Alsatian cried?

Whimpered and sniffled as I took away food it didn’t want

Crawled far after I beat it for eating from the dump

Snuck under my palm awaiting a scratch, my aggression of minutes before forgotten

Did I tell you my doll died?

It got a wash and new clothes, became a fine plastic chic

Her hair got plaited, wasn’t ragged anymore

Jimmy broke her spine; she stopped making that chirpy noise

Did I tell you he came to me last night, 6 feet many pounds of unwanted man?

His eyes soulless, his talk loud

I said he needed an education, he laughed

He said I could have a piece of him, I slept; images of his butt trudging out curving my lips in sweet dreams

Did I tell you I am high?

Doped up on citrus scented hot bath easing tense aches and ticking brain

Fogged up bath windows, steam rising in white clouds

The bass speakers boom, my bathtub is Amsterdam, and Coldplay is on Violet Hill


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