At the Office,

Nov. 20, 2014

Candy thoughts of you

Dear Friday,

It is with the nervous flutter of excited butterflies in my stomach that I write you this letter. You, my love, have proven to me that I am not alone in loving you. This assurance makes me the giddy thirteen year old who just got her first kiss from the crush of her tender life after secretly pinning for him. Her reward for endless days of staring at him with daydreams in her eyes and  thrashing nights spent dreaming of his smile.

My great grandmother always says the true measure of a man’s feelings is his actions, not his words. I have followed her advisement and never been guided wrong; that’s how I know your actions say you love me. Some months back I teary eyed asked you every time we saw why you always left it so long before seeing me. It seemed then that you loved me so little that you could permit so much time to pass before appearing on my calendar. These past two weeks I have noticed that though we still see only once in a week, time passes in the blur of a nanosecond and it’s me-you time. It seems all I have to do is close my eyes whilst saying goodbye to you and, when I open my eyes, you are already by my side once again. It was such a rush, having you not anymore around the faraway corner.

I have found though that I do not like it.

Don’t get it twisted Love. I have not gone and fallen in love with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or even Saturday and Sunday. Nah, no such thing. The thing is just that, blurring as time has been doing, you blur too.  It couldn’t have skipped your notice that we have been spending our time together at the office, in front of the laptop, or dead to the world in exhaustion. You would admit that this is in contrast with our usual time spent chilling at the bar or lounging with soap operas and popcorn. Like that is not bad enough, I do not even get to really miss you before you are back again; and yet I miss you because even when you are there I cannot get to really be with you.

So you see Love, it is not I, but you. you have become the rest of the other days.

I however trust that since you manipulated whatever laws of the universe to make this state happen you can reverse it. So, pretty please Love, can we go back to as things were before the past two weeks?

Love you barely,



I’ve got this evil data entry that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday couldn’t stay long enough to finish. We would therefore spend tomorrow at the office and inputing data.


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