It’s one of those times. You know, those times you know would soon pile to become why-the-hell-didn’t-I…? The irksome part is that you cannot exactly ‘do something’ about it. At least, not when you are me or like me. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You can whine and mope about it. Really, you can. But that’s all you can do; and that doesn’t make any sort of positive difference. Matter of fact, all it does is add mental stress to the mix.

You see, I have tons of so much work to do that merely thinking about them gets goose bumps popping all over me. Unfortunately goose bumps are never quite enough to get the wheels of my brain turning. When they want to work, boy, do they work?! But when they think it’s snooze time, ah well, it is snooze time. So I have been staring at the screen for three hours, trying to make words of lines in my head but it’s not working.

Just so you know, this is the concept of inertia. The need to work without the will to make it happen. Also too, none of this is my fault. Blame it on my inner self. I, my outer self, am just the poor grass trampled over by the giants in this their battle of will and snooze. I am the victim. And the injustice imposed on me? Inertia.


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