Today is hectic, very hectic really. But quitting isn’t even an idea on my mind, let alone an option; even though I know this would be far from perfect. I know you know that means a lot.

The elections are nearing, so our polity is heating up. There are Lord-knows-how-many-people going cap in hand touring their constituencies for votes, blaring speakers of campaign chants that are the worst advertisements ever. They congest traffic while crawling on the roads; giving the electorate better views of their expensive dresses, pot bellies, and whatever else they think is attractive about them. What is really annoying though is that it’s a flurry of empty talk, names in mud, black palms, knives dripping with blood, and senseless rants. And I’m not exaggerating. I swear I’m not.  White-elephant propaganda, and crass intelligence-insulting statements, some announced like manifestoes, spill out of mouths: unguarded and unguided, like filth in forgotten gutters. And the most annoying: their smiles. I can smell the stench of uselessness on them even on the posters.

But there would be bags of rice, bottles of oil, whispers of granted requests, promises of power, and envelopes of money… and my people would hand over their tomorrow- and mine, on bloody cheap platters.

They might feel we all don’t know, but that’s only because they are stupid. They should know though: we are not all stupid. I am not stupid. And there’s more like me; most way smarter than I. So I calm the anger.

One day, they would be gone anad we would be born. Except I wonder: doesn’t the society tend to reproduce itself in a vicious circle?


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