Twitter: #YourTurnChallenge Day 4

How does one teach another the art of silence? Because it is an art; its beauty the ability to weave a mirage while keeping silent. I’m almost sure I can’t teach it, but I have to try; do I not?

First: why do we need to keep silent? Why do we want to keep silent? And Why should we keep silent?

We need to keep silent because sometimes the conversation in our heads demand attention; and sometimes a brief introspection don’t cut it. We do not want to go crazy, trying to maintain internal and external- usually more mundane- conversations. The rigour of the former is bound to make the ‘nicety’ of the latter seem extraneous. Silence, in those times, is the nicest way to make sure we do not hurt or offend people by unwitting slips of manners or the tongue.

We sometimes want to keep silent ‘just because’. We want to enjoy the scenery, or listen to a bird or the movement of the earth, or keep the‘outside’ world shut out for a while, or to not say something that is just there, at the tip of your tongue, begging to be spilled. Sometimes, it’s for the mystery of unspoken words and unexpressed thoughts… just because we can and we want to.

Why should we be silent? Because we need to learn; and because the easiest way to learn is by being silent: by listening. We should, all of us, learn to keep silent and listen to understand; not just to reply.

Now how?

When you need to keep silent:

Take a deep breathe

Close your eyes

Open your mind

And listen to the voices in your head

When you want to keep silent

Where is your happy place?

Go there in your mind

And start to smile like a goon

P.S: refuse to stop smiling even when it scares/annoys the people around you. Just wink at them conspirationally. They’ll start smiling too… after imagining the worst of what could be going on in your head!

When you should be silent

Open your ears

Open your mind

Shut the door on your perceptions, opinions and biases

Then mentally engage the information before you without thinking first of what you would like to say

…There we go!


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