Oh shit! Fuck, aaw! Damn, damn, damn.

Why does this have to happen all the time though?

And one day my body would be all soap-sud scars… bloody evil writer-mind.

Of course I’m grumbling.

I’ve just slipped on my way from the bathroom to the room. It happened because I stepped out of the bathroom still covered in soap suds, and the floor is tiled. Why would I do that since everyone everywhere in the world knows water makes tiled floor slippery; let alone soap-slicked feet? Ah well, if you’re a writer you probably understand. The thing is, the bathroom is one of those places where creative juices flow best. I don’t know if it’s a factor of water cooling our bodies, or all the sweet refreshing cooling bath scents. I have no idea at all; it just is.

So, what to when stuck? First, consciously take your mind off it, then step into the shower with music on… have a very long one. Better yet, throw in a bath salt and give yourself a soak in the bath. However you enjoy it best.


Don’t get mad at me if you find yourself wet, butt aching, and furious or laughing on the floor some minutes later.

Day 5… #YourTurnChallenge


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