Sometimes I wish

I wish for simple things

Simple things I crave

I crave to have forever

That my eyes would take pictures

Pictures of marvellous sunrises

Sunrises on beautiful sceneries

Sceneries painted by wowing sunsets


That my ears would record

Record passionate sounds

Sounds like lyrical bird songs

Songs like musical moans

That my skin would imprint touch

Touch like morning dew

Dew soft as a baby’s kisses

Kisses in time-frozen moments

kiss keep

Sometimes I gaze longingly

Longing for my blink to be camera’s shutters

Shutters go snap snap

Snap the world in a piece of film

Sometimes I listen closely

Close my senses to all but sounds

Sounds carried on winds

Winds too impatient to be held indoors


Sometimes I stare at the sands

Sands, greedy bastards, note everything

Everything except nail marks on bucking flesh

Flesh too amnesiac to remember

Give me the wishing star

Wishing star to grant my wakening desires

Wakening desires to have the simple things

Simple things beyond my creative grasp


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