An Unavoidable Destiny

Do what you please. Anyone else’s thoughts are just that; shouldn’t be determinants of what you do or don’t do

Nights of Passion

I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever written about this but when I was a little girl I had a babysitter who used to read tarot cards. I remember her vaguely and I remember she was nice but my memories of this time are a bit spotty. Anyhow, my dad often tells me that this babysitter told him that I was destined to make my fortune (no specificity as to what this really was) writing books. Being as stubborn as I am, this only pushed me to deny my love for writing.

You see, I am a royal pain as a person and I choose to make my own destiny so having someone prescribe or predict it really didn’t bode well with me. This was probably one of my bigger mistakes as this same stubbornness is what kept me from writing to some degree in my very young years. I…

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