Remember your look after she said “I love you”?

I do

It was dumbstruck and a tear hidden in your cornea

Bobbing Adam’s apple and soundless lips agape

Remember the day you hit her?

I do

The sun was almighty, sweat racing down your bodies

Her breath was hotter, shocked eyes raised to voice numb questions

Remember the day she said “I need some space”?

I do

The air was musky, the window fogged

Your breath warmed the window in anger as you looked away from her

Remember the earth the day you were buried?

I do

It was moist, soft, welcoming

Receptive of the carcass you had always been

I know as she looked when sand covered your casket

You don’t

She smiled, they thought it sadness

Only I knew the shovel that bore sand was same with which she killed you


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