The Mathematics of THE LEAP

Path your future!

Path your future, and have the courage to walk the road.

Do I sound like a motivational speaker yet? I bet I do. But let’s talk life: have you ever been faced with a decision you knew you could not unmake?

I created a formula some minutes ago; though for it to work you have to know some things:

  1. Where you are
  2. What you have
  3. Where you are going
  4. What you need

Imagine where you are is X, and where you are going is Y. The distance between X and Y is defined as the difference between what you have and what you need. So when a decision comes before you, the mathematical way to answer it is:

“Which choice would give me what I need; as against things I already have, or perhaps things I don’t even need?”

It’s not always this simple. Sometimes both options give varying degrees and levels of what you need. In situations like that, a scale of preference and/or a bar chart cataloging what percentage of what you need each option is offering would be helpful.

Sometimes too, the options are constituted by value judgments. After answering the mathematics of X and Y, you get to the:

“What price am I willing to pay for Y”

Mathematics is not infallible; but it clears secondary issues which often cloud decisions. So tonight I chose Mathematics to lead me. What do you often choose?

Have a great week. May your choices be right and enlightening. Life awaits!


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