I’m a pretty religious person. I believe in reverence for the soul, honour of all spirit, seduction of music, creation of art, rhyme of dance.

I’m a pretty hardworking person. I believe in dignity of earned living, synchrony of purpose, diligence of effort, perfection of skill.

I’m a pretty lazy person. I believe in the joy of an automatic bath- the shower, the luxury of headphones before chores, the air that dries up water spilled so I don’t have to mop the floor, the laws dictating weekends were made for sleep, eat, and drink.

I’m a pretty economical person. I believe bathing when it’s weekend, the air conditioner is on, and all I’m doing is lounging is a waste of bath gel, bath energy, and welcoming bed space.

df59854e8a8a0621c4a7cc4abf076a16 I’m a pretty realistic person. I believe ramblings such as these are what happen when I go over a hundred hours straight without coffee.

Most of all, I’m a pretty pretty person in need of coffee. I believe the above statements make that pretty clear.


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