Let’s #PrayForHumanity

As students of media, we were taught bad events are more newsworthy than good ones. Why? Because bad events are not norm. The stranger or worse the event and its casualties, the more it is “news”: being that the definition of ‘news’ is new event.

These days, I beg to differ. Every switch powering the news channels turns up images of bad occurrences. While some of these are throwback from nature having a fit or avenging the excesses of human activities, most are humans hurting other humans. Hell! I go too far. Discussions in bars, salons, neighbourhoods, are usually about some negative occurrence or another.

Now I’m curious:

What makes another person decide to hurt another? Was it imagination that humans are humane? That we empathise, feel the pains of others? Or are humans only humane when it is comfortable for them?

Our humanity, I think, is damaged. Often lost to rages of lust and greed, power and emptiness. humanity-unity-27751283455583BRSv

Let us #PrayForParis #PrayForNigeria #PrayForKenya #PrayForLebanon #PrayForBurundi #PrayForChibok #PrayForSyria #PrayForIran but, unless we #PrayForHumanity, all of these would just be trending hashtags; forebears of many others.


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