Body Talks

Just last week…

Me: “Good afternoon” *presents boarding pass*

Air Hostess: *speaks softly* “Are you accompanied?”

Me: “No. Alone”

Air Hostess: *eyes tender, voice¬†quiet and tender* “How old are you?”

Me: *Jaw falls in shock; knocked speechless. Digs out passport, flips it open and shows air hostess*

Air Hostess: *Eyes widen. Looks embarrassed, flustered* “Wow! I’m sorry. You look much younger. I’m so sorry”

Me: -_- *Mumbles* Damn this petite slim body though! When, by the way, did I start looking too young to travel unaccompanied?

#WhassAllThis? #Body Blues


2 thoughts on “Body Talks

  1. Phemmy says:

    Hmmmm, are you sure you dint actually travel unaccompanied?
    Was expecting the other session while on-board…if there was any…
    Cool by the way…keep up the great job…cheers


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