#Grateful Diaries

December is for taking stock. You know, for example:

  • Broke 1 heart this year. I must be getting old, last year was 5
  • Finally bought a little black dress. It slayed, and helped in the achievement of “be more feminine” objective for 2015
  • Accepted a job offer this year. Achieved Step 1 of my “get over commit-o-phobia”. But I didn’t actually resume at the job *sad face*

Ah well, that’s December. I woke today feeling grateful for the cold because, for some reason, the electricity distribution people decided we shouldn’t have any all night. Usually that would have meant a restless, frustrated night. Last night however, harmattan’s cold kept me blissfully oblivious.

I stood on my balcony and looked out at shapes of browning greenery clothed in fog. The coconut, orange, moringa, and paw paw trees bowed time and again to the the demands of the harmattan’s winds. Dust whirred in the air, made it all misty and magical. It looked beautiful; especially with the blond alsatian in the compound looking confused at it all.

I took a sip of magic that kissed my tongue, warmed my insides, and made me close my eyes as I moaned with gratitude. Its aroma was strength and liquid desire, its taste lip-smackingly delicious, its feel caffeinated and luxurious. I opened my eyes to that sight before me again and smiled, really darn grateful for one thing:

  • The life I have learned to live, not just let happen. Because that was the most important goal of 2015

Good morning World!


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