Theta Theta


Consciousness creates reality

no one saw
our slough beneath
this river breathes
empty ellipses
out of calcium
as a marker

you held your
flames in the dark
flickering darkness
will we make it
through the night
the soot streaked
in lines from the sill

whose black eyes clash
like the otherverses
wanting in
has no name

a new scar on the arm, a 
concertina eyelashes 
the blood brain barrier’s

it already had us
by the when
and by the why

was it peach lipgloss
that formed the seal
between when I said
you looked familiar

and the glass bottle
of biome on the counter

was it a playground
was it a gym

was it akin to
the flow of spiral

was it when
you held your
flames that they
could see us

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