Scary Feelings

It’s the fuzzy, almost cocky feeling that comes with knowing you are safe. It’s also the invisible blanket that protects you from everything outside, and gives you the strength to face everything within. It makes the bad days a little more interesting, and the good days a moment you wish you could stop and record for replay on other days.

These are scary, are they not? To know something or someone has the power to make you feel so much, little things change your world and feelings in seconds. To know when the person or thing goes away that feeling would go too, leaving a void so huge drinks, sex, drugs, and stimulants can’t fill it. Ah well, but do you intend to actually just breathe in and out, go through the motions of existence, and neither know love nor exciting fear? What then would your life have mounted to? What memories would you recall on dreary days? What tales would you tell that would tear your eyes and those of others? What secret smile would lift your cheeks when you see things that could have reminded you of other times and places?


As the days wind 2015 to an end to welcome 2016, perhaps its time to indulge in living; in loving.

Think about that this week, would you?


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