Where 2016 goes?

In about twenty-four hours, 2016 will be a week old. School and work will resume in earnest soon after, and with them would hectic schedules of living. Before life’s vortex sweeps you up, have you decided where your 2016 is going? What the year would be to you?

  • What are your goals for 2016?
  • By what metrics would you measure them?
  • What actions would you initiate, follow through, and maintain to achieve them?

Indeed, there are many unknowns in the experience of being human. As more of us explore the world, however, some thing gets clearer. Things such as that:

“Our (in)actions become the epitaphs of weeks, months, years, and our lives”.

-Dupe Kuku

Set your fears, anxieties, and uncertainties aside. Answer what you want 2016 to be about. Plot the skeleton of this year’s tale.

Make everyday an interesting act in the play 2016 would remind you of as it takes a bow, and takes its place in the backstage of memories when 2017 dawns.



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