Elan Mudrow


I look inside the windows

Of the dark bar, and see

Faces I’ve talked to,

Will talk to, and I see someone

I swear I have kissed before.

I pass the hipster pizza parlor,

Everyone trying hard to look

Like they are not looking at themselves

While they look at themselves.

I pass the sushi bar

The chefs with knifes erect

White hats starched straight

Slicing fish with Zen seriousness

I pass the clothing store

Which is never open

Price tags untouchable, yet the dress

In the window is not in need

Of a warm body, just a rack.

I pass the transient, sleeping

Wondering where he got

His sleeping bag and that smile?

I pass the marquee of the club

Featuring bands no one cares about

Yet the bands, earnestly, care about someone.

The two resell shops

Feature dueling decades

The 70s fight the 80s, while

The 50s get…

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