Living the Epitaph

It was some minutes past 7p.m.

Cool breeze from the ocean was easing aching tendons caused by a day spent shopping, hip music from Trace Urban was calming mental stresses and providing visual entertainment, and I was wishing I had requested for water instead of ice-cream. Seated across me was a wise long time friend, and his bottle of water which I was planning to steal some gulps off at the earliest opportunity. Some distance away, by my left hand side, was a handsome, suited-up Mr. Fine Fellow, who was spending more time staring at our table, than at the plate of fried rice and barbecued chicken sitting sumptuously in the oval shaped white plate on his table.

We were discussing something serious when I heard the introductory tune of The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face. I felt the muscles of my cheeks widen per reflex, and knew that I as grinning like a loon. I also felt my body move; limbs loose by intoxication of the song. I noticed my friend’s jaw fall open as he realised I was slowly losing the battle to stop my hands and upper body from joining the dance. I gave up the battle grinning, and was soon singing along, jiggling on the chair.

“The fine boy who has been looking at you since looks shocked. Behave jhor!”

“I’m not-“

I paused to sing the bridge along with Weekend (the drawn out chorus at its end is the sweetest part of the song, walahi), and then…

“- here to please the fine boy”

By the time the song was fading tunes, I was feeling a lot lighter and happier than I had in a very long time; almost in all year.

I watched my friend waste a wish hoping that I could grow older or act my age, while I was thinking:

Whoever died happy that had it written “acted his/her age” on the grave stone?

So, back to you, when it’s all said and done, what do you want to remember yourself as doing? What are the choices you want to be proud you made? And what is stopping you from doing them? Because, you see enh, our lives are the memories that would keep us forever. Literally.


I’m still in the euphoria of not feeling my face so, if you see me with an unexplained grin, just smile because now you know the secret too. *winks*


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