On Goals and Dreams

“I did it! I fucking did it!”

I was the jumping ball of ecstasy; arms and legs flailing, trotting down the corridor. Puzzled yet smiling human beings- inconsequential faces- were somewhere ahead of me, standing and staring, thinking to themselves perhaps that I had finally gone nuts. The sun blazed a furious hotness, trickles of sweat strolled down my spinal cord, and I was blissfully oblivious to it all, grinning like a grateful loon. A couple of minutes and some unsuccessful attempts to calm me down later, I was hugging my guardian fiercely, chanting:

“Baba mi, it was worth it all. It was fucking worth it!”

For some reason, that day he let me swear without cautioning me, and I watched pride light his eyes, as he pat my back and said some things I didn’t hear through the euphoric haze….

Time was 2014, I had just finished defending my Masters thesis, and even the external supervisor had commented on how wowed he was.  The sleepless nights using candle to do data analysis, the travels to find survey respondents and returning with zilch due to the strike action of the academic staff union, the long strolls under the sun because I was too zombie-fied by fatigue to stop and take any form of transport… It all felt like a beautiful and distant memory. Victory was sweet, real, and rushing to my head; intoxicating me with exclamatory swears and glorious giggles.

Why the history class; you ask?

Listen, goals are the milestones that take us to our dreams. They are the measurable “to be achieved” that we set, and path up objectives and action courses to reach.

  • Achieving a goal is not easy!

Anybody who ever told you otherwise either thinks you a simpleton or never achieved a heartfelt goal. Just think about how hard it sometimes is for even the best players to get the ball into the net. Recall how sometimes the ball goes over the net, a defender kicks it away, the keeper catches it, or- the most annoying- it hits the post and shuts up the “goooaa” supporters are starting to chant.

So yes, goals are not easy. But they take us to our dreams. And our dreams are why we bother to get out of bed; they are why we take life’s bullshit with a shrug and forge ahead.

  • Read me real clear: DON’T GIVE UP! DO NOT QUIT!

IMG_20160116_212142Trust me, nothing hurts more than thoughts of what could have been if you’d only just hit back harder, or held on a little tighter. So keep achieving your goals, and watch your dreams unravel. The world is in your palms; you just have to give it to yourself.

Have a great week ahead!


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