Of Dreams and Monday

In Bed,

January 25, 2015.

06:45 hrs

Candy thoughts

Dear You,

Last Friday, I was telling my parents of a football match I had watched earlier in the week. The players of the team which had lost had been very unfit, so watching the game had been something of a comedy for me. No, that doesn’t make me mean. Just you imagine full grown men with pregnant bellies running after a football, or men losing balance just because they want to kick a football and falling flat on their faces! It was beyond hilarious. Anyway, my parents laughed too because I dramatized some of the high points for them. After one particular bout of laughter my Dad kept very quiet, then whispered: “I shouldn’t have let go of football”. That got me thinking.

We never forget our dreams. Life might obscure them from vision but, someday, life would hit us smack in the face with them. Sadly, at some point, it would become too late to live our dreams… even if we then have all the time and resources to.

Today is the last Monday of January 2016. Go pick up the book in which you wrote your dreams, goals, objectives, and plans. If you hadn’t written them down before please do so now. Now, evaluate your progress:

  • How have I done?
  • Am I on track with the timelines I set?
    • If yes, okay; if no, why not?
  • Have I been recognizing and celebrating “little” successes?
  • Do I need to redefine some things?
    • If yes, what should they now reflect?
  • What major challenges have I faced, and how do I cope?
    • Are there better ways to get around it that expend less energy and motivation?
  • Do I need to change strategies because I have learnt somethings new?

After that’s done, smile, determine what you need to do, and get to the grind. I hope you respected the weekend and relaxed. Now work smart and hard, so you can earn Friday’s T.G.I.F. You are not supposed to hate Monday; its grind, and those of the days it heralds, takes you closer to your dreams.


Next Sunday wraps January 2016 up and tucks it safely in the annals of memories. Don’t do same to your goals. Remember them, plan, activate your plans, cry when you must, dry your tears, work hard, celebrate all successes, and make your dreams real.


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