Friendly Saps

Because everything that touches you leaves a bit of itself and sometimes you don’t want that

Elan Mudrow


I fell into a pine tree once.

Don’t worry, I survived

It wasn’t a bad fall, just a stumble

With hands outstretched.

I suffered a small scrape,

Reddened palms and

My right hand landed in

A small patch of sap.

Upon driving back home

The sap did not want to leave me

Adhering to more things

Steering Wheel, coffee cup, radio dial.

I began to get mad at the stuff

Wishing it free of my hands, and

Above and beyond all else

The sticky scent.

At home, I ran to

Faucets, basin, and washcloth

As if they were holy water, shrine, and book

Praying for an exorcism from the sap.

I showered to cleanse myself

Back to a normal human-like flavor.

Back inside off-white walls.

Smelling like a human ought to,

My computer purred out an invite,

And as I type these words

I couldn’t stop raising my hand

To my nose…

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