Get What You Want

Good thought for Monday

Nights of Passion

We have all heard “you can’t always get what you want” and “you can’t have our cake and eat it” a time or two or more during our lifetimes. Well, I’m tired of hearing these words and I don’t believe them. Almost every time I ask my son to choose what he wants to do between two of his favorite things, he tells me both. I’m the one who says no at times because I’m tired, hungry, etc. still, he remains determined with some sort of convincing argument.

I know, we aren’t all four and the world is much more complex as we get older. But does it have to be? Everyday, I see and hear so many unhappy people. My focus is on them because it seems to happen more and more and I can help but ask why we do this to ourselves?

I realize each of us…

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