This Day in Crazy…

Did you see the full moon last night? And have you ever wondered about the lunar insanity theory?


Baby ‘Jide

I saw the full moon, and I was thinking about the theory. You see, I know this bloody intelligent baby, too damn handsome by more than half, and with the craziest laughter that would make you grin, or smile at the least; even if you’re mad at him. That shouldn’t be possible. But you see, he was born on such a night as last, many years ago, when the moon was full.

He’s probably gonn’ curse me out when he sees this. But then I’ll remind him I got some dose of the full moon that night; roaming the grounds of the hospital, waiting for mummy to “give me a new baby”.

My crazy -the little spark of mad genius in my head that dominates all day most days- started this day, a score and over a half decade years ago.

Happy Birthday Baby! May our crazy show you the best of living. #xoxo


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