#BodyDiary: Twerkscapade

21:18 hrs
Dupe and Dami are lounging in bed; gisting about the months that have passed. Dami talks about how somebody twerked somewhere and it was rave.
Dupe: *refelective* “But you know that thing is a disgrace. I don’t know how to twerk”
Dami: “Me sef. And it was the rave that year”
Dupe: “Someone should not even just go somewhere and the dance code is twerk”
Dami: “Aah! Akoba niyen ke! How do they even twerk sef?”
Dupe: “Bumbum goes one way; bounces. I think”
*Dami stands up, does some awkward body movement that’s better left unremembered*
Dupe: “Hian! Wait. I have data. Let’s just check YouTube for how to do the darn thing. Matter of fact, that’s what we’re learning this weekend”
*Dupe connects internet, types in “how to twerk” on YouTube, looks at Dami, and they choose a video*
Lady in video: “…so you put your hands on your waist….”
*Dupe starts laughing when she notes that herself and Dami did as instructed immediately, while sitting on the bed*
Dupe: *Let’s get up and do the thing well jhor”
Dami: “Make it full screen jhor”
*The two girls stand in front of the full-length mirror, grinning*
21:27 hrs
Dami: “Heeey! My laps are aching. Chai”
Dupe: *panting* “Beht who created ‘twerk’; enh?” *hisses* “We must sha get it this night”
Dami: “Our bumbum is not shaking”
Lady in video: “…you can take your hands off your waist and just…”
Dupe: “Henh?! Take… take…” *loses words* “Ayam nor do again. I cannor now come and go and die away”
#SomebodyShuuComeTeachUsTwerk #UnshakingButt #LazyGirls #AchingThighs

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