Kuku’s Nest. 01

*Rain is threatening with heavy winds*
“See your mummy. I told her not to put the groceries in the corridor! She said she wants to sort it out first. Now she has gone out and rain wants to fall. Come let’s carry these things in”
*Goes to fetch the grocery cartons from the kitchen. On her return, Dad has taken some things into the sitting room. A sound at the gate.*
“It’s like you mummy has come”
*Dupe goes to fetch Mummy from the gate. When Mum gets in:*
“Modupe thank you! I was scared when it got windy. Because that your daddy will just say he warned me and leave it there for me.”
“Ah well. I just said I should pity you small”
“Oko mi -my husband-, shey you’ll please come and help me carry these bags of salt? They’ll be too heavy for my daughter.”
“You’re not serious. You and your daughter. Why not come and break my back? I carried everything inside, it’s your daughter you told thank you. Now I should… Look! Leave me alone o! Me too I have mother”
*Falls over self laughing.*


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