Kuku’s Nest. Episode 03

06:45 a.m
“What are you cooking this morning?”
“You stayed up all night, didn’t you? Okay”
*Pecks sweet dreams on Dupe’s upturned cheek*

09:30 a.m
*Looking-delicious Sir Beardy shifts slightly out of kiss range. Dupe moves towards him again but just as her lips are about to touch his he moves. Again! She scowls, then realises it’s her own body moving left and right out of the kiss. Outraged, she opens her eyes. Dad is sitting on the bed beside her, rocking her body gently*
“Ma binu (Don’t be angry). I’ve fried you eggs and plantain. Come and eat before worms eat your stomach. You can return to sleep after”
* * *
Dreamland Sir Beardy’s lips looked yummy. Pink. Firm. Nibble inviting… so darn promising!😣😥 But shey you see the handiwork of #VillagePeepu, sleep has refused to come back! Wassall dis?!!!


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