September Notes

In Bed,

Strawberry Thoughts,

September 29, 2015


Dear Scar,

Muddy floors, puddled potholes on tarred roads, expensive umbrellas in rainbowed half-circles, stashed shower caps shielding priceless hairdos from wrecking raindrops, fancy rubber foot wears taking the place of leather and suede luxuries… September.

September in 2015 Nigeria is the month of cloudy grey skies, wheezing cold winds, tapping rains on rooftops, long queues of jerking automobiles conveying humans to numerous places, and flooded homes and roads invaded by pregnant waters. It is also the month of ‘esusu’: that yummy insect which warms itself by dancing around electric bulbs in swarms during the rainy season. Nigeria also had sleeping teens relishing the last days of summer holidays, happy citizens released from the drudgery of work by long weekends, and bleating rams bemoaning their sacrificial role in religious celebrations. September…

I’m thinking of you this September. Perhaps because the days have been filled with scalding hot beverages, the nights with liqueur and silken pillow cuddles… I don’t know. You see, September trademarks cuddling lovers caressing intertwined limbs, hickeys explaining roughened sheets torn by raking nails, paced groans punctuating silent night with husky commands, pleas, and gratitude, whispered gibberish inflaming wild grinds and pointed thrusts. September…

The nights are cold and horngry. See you soon; perhaps?

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