Discrimination (noun):

The practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people. Prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment

Yesterday was March 1, the United Nations declared day for the movement against discrimination. Development professionals, workers, lovers, and all humane beings were urged to #StandOut in support of #ZeroDiscrimination. Stories were told, experiences were shared, and West Africa Democracy Radio broadcast my audio recording of A Little Bit of Magic.

As you live, consciously strip yourself of all discriminatory attitudes and behaviour. Why would you want to be another instance of stigma and hurt  in someone else’s life? Wouldn’t you rather be the reason they smile? The Little Bit of Magic sent their way by the universe?




A Little Bit of Magic

Have you ever watched a city from its heights, at night?

Last night I sat on a cabana set atop a rock, and saw magic.

Magic was red and yellow lights, piercing the darkness, moving to unknown destinations. It was orange bulbs set at mathematical distances, lighting the roads for users. It was the shaded white house in the middle of bushes with a lit porch just behind me, like the scene from a fantasy film or a cartoon. Aah, Cartoons. Did you know of a long time ago, when media was black and white, and the fair lady always got the loyal knight? When programs started at 4p.m with the national anthem, and the television was a box of happily ever afters?

Last night something snapped, deep within, released acceptance of myself. It felt like peace; the confident breeze that caused the trees to dance and bow. I knew I couldn’t return to disgusted judging eyes, loaded salvos, hands that wouldn’t touch me, lips that slandered me. So last night I enjoyed the last bit of magic in my life; including the knowledge that I can take my own life by shutting my eyes and letting my feet jump off the cliff. The magic that I could smile while a rock split my skull into open dead shards of bloodied brains; because it was less painful than the discrimination I had lived with up until then.

When I coasted above earth a free soul, I saw a baby being brought forth out of its mother; innocent, precious, bloodied, priceless, beautiful. The best of simply awe-inspiring unadulterated magic. Then I realised how much more magical a smile through the discriminatory pain my life was, would have been.

#StandOut for #ZeroDiscrimination today; it’s a sparkle you can put in someone’s life. Your little bit of magic.