Of Souls and Shadows

I’m sitting here

In the middle of this debris

Of blood and jagged muscles

Pulsing the beat of the drunk man’s trudge

The demons race

Debating pain and hurt

Whispering dreams and hopes

Madness tethers on this unspeaking frenzy


Your eyes tell that story

Of empty bottles and drowned soul

Mine speak primitive tongues

Of broken groans and rising throes

Don’t say tomorrow

That pregnant dream reminiscent of nightmares

No. Don’t shed light

It casts shadows too



Last Drops

Raining showers

Then Silence

Plit. Plat. Plit

Last spawn drops


They fall off the clouds

Contemplative. Wondering

Where the ones before

Have gone

P.S: Please forgive my recent irregular posts; power unavailability has taken a turn for the worse here. I’m finding ways around it, but till I get back to regular posting please bear with me. Thank you!